Neurovault statistical maps


Neurovault is a public repository of unthresholded statistical maps, parcellations, and atlases of the human brain. You can read about it and browse the images it contains at

It is also possible to ask Neurosynth to annotate the maps found on Neurovault. Neurosynth is a platform for large-scale, automated synthesis of fMRI data. It can be used to perform decoding. You can find out more about Neurosynth at

For more information, see Gorgolewski et al.[1], and Yarkoni et al.[2].



Nifti images representing the statistical maps.


Dictionaries containing metadata for each image.


Dictionaries containing metadata for collections.


A list of words retrieved from


For each image, the weights of the words from ‘vocabulary’.



All data are distributed under the CC0 license.