nilearn.datasets: Automatic Dataset Fetching

Helper functions to download NeuroImaging datasets.

User guide: See the Fetching open datasets from Internet section for further details.



fetch_icbm152_2009([data_dir, url, resume, ...])

Download and load the ICBM152 template (dated 2009).

fetch_icbm152_brain_gm_mask([data_dir, ...])

Download ICBM152 template first, then loads the 'gm' mask.

fetch_surf_fsaverage([mesh, data_dir])

Download a Freesurfer fsaverage surface.

load_mni152_brain_mask([resolution, threshold])

Load the MNI152 whole-brain mask.

load_mni152_gm_mask([resolution, threshold, ...])

Load the MNI152 grey-matter mask.


Load the MNI152 grey-matter template.


Load the MNI152 skullstripped T1 template.

load_mni152_wm_mask([resolution, threshold, ...])

Load the MNI152 white-matter mask.


Load the MNI152 white-matter template.

Templates descriptions



fetch_atlas_aal([version, data_dir, url, ...])

Download and returns the AAL template for SPM 12.

fetch_atlas_allen_2011([data_dir, url, ...])

Download and return file names for the Allen and MIALAB ICA Probabilistic atlas (dated 2011).

fetch_atlas_basc_multiscale_2015([data_dir, ...])

Download and load multiscale functional brain parcellations.

fetch_atlas_craddock_2012([data_dir, url, ...])

Download and return file names for the Craddock 2012 parcellation.

fetch_atlas_destrieux_2009([lateralized, ...])

Download and load the Destrieux cortical deterministic atlas (dated 2009).

fetch_atlas_difumo([dimension, ...])

Fetch DiFuMo brain atlas.

fetch_atlas_harvard_oxford(atlas_name[, ...])

Load Harvard-Oxford parcellations from FSL.

fetch_atlas_juelich(atlas_name[, data_dir, ...])

Load Juelich parcellations from FSL.

fetch_atlas_msdl([data_dir, url, resume, ...])

Download and load the MSDL brain Probabilistic atlas.

fetch_atlas_pauli_2017([version, data_dir, ...])

Download the Pauli et al. (2017) atlas.

fetch_atlas_schaefer_2018([n_rois, ...])

Download and return file names for the Schaefer 2018 parcellation.

fetch_atlas_smith_2009([data_dir, url, ...])

Download and load the Smith ICA and BrainMap Probabilistic atlas (2009).

fetch_atlas_surf_destrieux([data_dir, url, ...])

Download and load Destrieux et al, 2010 cortical Deterministic atlas.

fetch_atlas_talairach(level_name[, ...])

Download the Talairach Deterministic atlas.

fetch_atlas_yeo_2011([data_dir, url, ...])

Download and return file names for the Yeo 2011 parcellation.


Load the Dosenbach et al 160 ROIs.


Download and load the Power et al. brain atlas composed of 264 ROIs.


Load the Seitzman et al. 300 ROIs.

Atlases descriptions

Preprocessed datasets


fetch_abide_pcp([data_dir, n_subjects, ...])

Fetch ABIDE dataset.

fetch_adhd([n_subjects, data_dir, url, ...])

Download and load the ADHD resting-state dataset.

fetch_bids_langloc_dataset([data_dir, verbose])

Download language localizer example bids dataset.

fetch_development_fmri([n_subjects, ...])

Fetch movie watching based brain development dataset (fMRI).

fetch_ds000030_urls([data_dir, verbose])

Fetch URLs for files from the ds000030 BIDS dataset.

fetch_fiac_first_level([data_dir, verbose])

Download a first-level fiac fMRI dataset (2 runs).

fetch_haxby([data_dir, subjects, ...])

Download and loads complete haxby dataset.


Download language localizer demo dataset.

fetch_localizer_first_level([data_dir, verbose])

Download a first-level localizer fMRI dataset.

fetch_miyawaki2008([data_dir, url, resume, ...])

Download and loads Miyawaki et al. 2008 dataset (153MB).

fetch_openneuro_dataset_index([data_dir, ...])

Download a file with OpenNeuro BIDS dataset index.

fetch_spm_auditory([data_dir, data_name, ...])

Fetch SPM auditory single-subject data.

fetch_spm_multimodal_fmri([data_dir, ...])

Fetcher for Multi-modal Face Dataset.

fetch_surf_nki_enhanced([n_subjects, ...])

Download and load the NKI enhanced resting-state dataset, preprocessed and projected to the fsaverage5 space surface.

Datasets descriptions

Statistical maps/derivatives


fetch_localizer_button_task([data_dir, ...])

Fetch left vs right button press contrast maps from the localizer.


Fetch calculation task contrast maps from the localizer.

fetch_localizer_contrasts(contrasts[, ...])

Download and load Brainomics/Localizer dataset (94 subjects).

fetch_megatrawls_netmats([dimensionality, ...])

Download and return Network Matrices data from MegaTrawls release in HCP.

fetch_mixed_gambles([n_subjects, data_dir, ...])

Fetch Jimura "mixed gambles" dataset.

fetch_oasis_vbm([n_subjects, ...])

Download and load Oasis "cross-sectional MRI" dataset (416 subjects).


Fetch a contrast map from Neurovault showing the effect of mental subtraction upon auditory instructions.

fetch_neurovault_motor_task([data_dir, verbose])

Fetch left vs right button press group contrast map from Neurovault.

Statistical maps/derivatives descriptions

General functions


fetch_neurovault([max_images, ...])

Download data from that match certain criteria.

fetch_neurovault_ids([collection_ids, ...])

Download specific images and collections from

fetch_openneuro_dataset([urls, data_dir, ...])

Download OpenNeuro BIDS dataset.


Return the directories in which nilearn looks for data.


Add symlinks for files not named according to BIDS conventions.

select_from_index(urls[, inclusion_filters, ...])

Select subset of urls with given filters.


Load a single functional image showing motor activations.

General functions descriptions