Haxby dataset


See nilearn.datasets.fetch_haxby.


Results from a classical fMRI study that investigated the differences between the neural correlates of face versus object processing in the ventral visual stream. Face and object stimuli showed widely distributed and overlapping response patterns.

See Haxby et al.[1].


The “simple” dataset includes:

Nifti images with bold data


Text file containing run data


Nifti images with employed mask


Text file with condition labels

The full dataset additionally includes

Nifti images with anatomical image


Nifti images with bold data


Nifti images with mask for ventral visual/temporal cortex


Nifti images with face-reponsive brain regions


Nifti images with house-reponsive brain regions


Spatially more constrained version of the above


Spatially more constrained version of the above


For more information see: PyMVPA provides a tutorial using this dataset : http://www.pymvpa.org/tutorial.html

More information about its structure : http://dev.pymvpa.org/datadb/haxby2001.html