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nilearn.reporting.get_clusters_table(stat_img, stat_threshold, cluster_threshold=None, two_sided=False, min_distance=8.0, return_label_maps=False)[source]#

Create pandas dataframe with img cluster statistics.

This function should work on any statistical maps where more extreme values indicate greater statistical significance. For example, z-statistic or -log10(p) maps are valid inputs, but a p-value map is not.


For binary clusters (clusters comprised of only one value), the table reports the center of mass of the cluster, rather than any peaks/subpeaks.

This center of mass may, in some cases, appear outside of the cluster.

Changed in version 0.9.2: In this case, the cluster voxel nearest to the center of mass is reported.

stat_imgNiimg-like object

Statistical image to threshold and summarize.


Cluster forming threshold. This value must be in the same scale as stat_img.

cluster_thresholdint or None, default=None

Cluster size threshold, in voxels. If None, then no cluster size threshold will be applied.

two_sidedbool, default=False

Whether to employ two-sided thresholding or to evaluate positive values only.

min_distancefloat, default=8

Minimum distance between subpeaks, in millimeters.


If two different clusters are closer than min_distance, it can result in peaks closer than min_distance.

return_label_mapsbool, default=False

Whether or not to additionally output cluster label map images.

New in version 0.10.1.


Table with peaks and subpeaks from thresholded stat_img. The columns in this table include:

Cluster ID

The cluster number. Subpeaks have letters after the number.


The coordinate for the peak, in millimeters.

Peak Stat

The statistical value associated with the peak. The statistic type is dependent on the type of the statistical image.

Cluster Size (mm3)

The size of the cluster, in millimeters cubed. Rows corresponding to subpeaks will not have a value in this column.


Returned if return_label_maps=True List of Niimg-like objects of cluster label maps. If two_sided==True, first and second maps correspond to positive and negative tails.

New in version 0.10.1.

Examples using nilearn.reporting.get_clusters_table#

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