ICBM 152 template#


See nilearn.datasets.fetch_icbm152_2009,

nilearn.datasets.fetch_icbm152_brain_gm_mask, nilearn.datasets.load_mni152_template: to load MNI152 T1 template, nilearn.datasets.load_mni152_gm_template: to load MNI152 grey matter template, nilearn.datasets.load_mni152_wm_template: to load MNI152 white matter template, nilearn.datasets.load_mni152_brain_mask: to load MNI152 whole brain mask, nilearn.datasets.load_mni152_gm_mask: to load MNI152 grey matter mask, and nilearn.datasets.load_mni152_wm_mask: to load MNI152 white matter mask.


References atlases intended for spatial normalization, registration, and segmentation of MRI data. These atlases were generated from large ensembles of MRI data in an unbiased fashion. MRI data from templates are derived from “a truly normal, well characterized population.”

See Collins et al.[1], Fonov et al.[2] and Fonov et al.[3].



probabilistic map for cerebrospinal fluid


probabilistic map for gray matter


probabilistic map for white matter


proton density-weighted anatomical templates (non-linear average)


T1-weighted anatomical template (non-linear average)


T2-weighted anatomical template (non-linear average)


T2-weighted/relaxed anatomical template


average mask for eyes


average mask for face


average mask for brain


For more information see: http://www.bic.mni.mcgill.ca/ServicesAtlases/ICBM152NLin2009