Matplotlib colormaps in Nilearn#

Visualize HCP connectome workbench color maps shipped with Nilearn which can be used for plotting brain images on surface.

See Surface plotting for surface plotting details.

Plot color maps#

    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
except ImportError:
    raise RuntimeError("This script needs the matplotlib library")

import numpy as np

from nilearn.plotting import show
from import _cmap_d as nilearn_cmaps

nmaps = len(nilearn_cmaps)
a = np.outer(np.arange(0, 1, 0.01), np.ones(10))

# Initialize the figure
plt.figure(figsize=(10, 4.2))
plt.subplots_adjust(top=0.4, bottom=0.05, left=0.01, right=0.99)

for index, cmap in enumerate(nilearn_cmaps):
    plt.subplot(1, nmaps + 1, index + 1)
    plt.imshow(a, cmap=nilearn_cmaps[cmap])
    plt.title(cmap, fontsize=10, va="bottom", rotation=90)
cold_hot, cold_hot_r, cold_white_hot, cold_white_hot_r, brown_blue, brown_blue_r, cyan_copper, cyan_copper_r, cyan_orange, cyan_orange_r, blue_red, blue_red_r, brown_cyan, brown_cyan_r, purple_green, purple_green_r, purple_blue, purple_blue_r, blue_orange, blue_orange_r, black_blue, black_blue_r, black_purple, black_purple_r, black_pink, black_pink_r, black_green, black_green_r, black_red, black_red_r, ocean_hot, ocean_hot_r, hot_white_bone, hot_white_bone_r, hot_black_bone, hot_black_bone_r, bwr, bwr_r, red_transparent, red_transparent_full_alpha_range, green_transparent, green_transparent_full_alpha_range, blue_transparent, blue_transparent_full_alpha_range, roy_big_bl, videen_style

Plot matplotlib color maps#

plt.figure(figsize=(10, 5))
plt.subplots_adjust(top=0.8, bottom=0.05, left=0.01, right=0.99)
deprecated_cmaps = ["Vega10", "Vega20", "Vega20b", "Vega20c", "spectral"]
m_cmaps = [
    for m in
    if not m.endswith("_r") and m not in deprecated_cmaps

for index, cmap in enumerate(m_cmaps):
    plt.subplot(1, len(m_cmaps) + 1, index + 1)
    plt.imshow(a, cmap=plt.get_cmap(cmap), aspect="auto")
    plt.title(cmap, fontsize=10, va="bottom", rotation=90)

Accent, Blues, BrBG, BuGn, BuPu, CMRmap, Dark2, GnBu, Greens, Greys, OrRd, Oranges, PRGn, Paired, Pastel1, Pastel2, PiYG, PuBu, PuBuGn, PuOr, PuRd, Purples, RdBu, RdGy, RdPu, RdYlBu, RdYlGn, Reds, Set1, Set2, Set3, Spectral, Wistia, YlGn, YlGnBu, YlOrBr, YlOrRd, afmhot, autumn, binary, bone, brg, bwr, cool, coolwarm, copper, cubehelix, flag, gist_earth, gist_gray, gist_heat, gist_ncar, gist_rainbow, gist_stern, gist_yarg, gnuplot, gnuplot2, gray, hot, hsv, jet, nipy_spectral, ocean, pink, prism, rainbow, seismic, spring, summer, tab10, tab20, tab20b, tab20c, terrain, winter

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