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nilearn.datasets.fetch_surf_nki_enhanced(n_subjects=10, data_dir=None, url=None, resume=True, verbose=1)[source]#

Download and load the NKI enhanced resting-state dataset, preprocessed and projected to the fsaverage5 space surface.

See 1.

Direct download link 2.

New in version 0.3.

n_subjectsint, optional

The number of subjects to load from maximum of 102 subjects. By default, 10 subjects will be loaded. If None is given, all 102 subjects will be loaded. Default=10.

data_dirpathlib.Path or str, optional

Path where data should be downloaded. By default, files are downloaded in home directory.

urlstr, optional

URL of file to download. Override download URL. Used for test only (or if you setup a mirror of the data). Default=None.

resumebool, optional

Whether to resume download of a partly-downloaded file. Default=True.

verboseint, optional

Verbosity level (0 means no message). Default=1.


Dictionary-like object, the interest attributes are :

  • ‘func_left’: Paths to Gifti files containing resting state

    time series left hemisphere

  • ‘func_right’: Paths to Gifti files containing resting state

    time series right hemisphere

  • ‘phenotypic’: array containing tuple with subject ID, age,

    dominant hand and sex for each subject.

  • ‘description’: data description of the release and references.



Kate Nooner, Stanley Colcombe, Russell Tobe, Maarten Mennes, Melissa Benedict, Alexis Moreno, Laura Panek, Shaquanna Brown, Stephen Zavitz, Qingyang Li, Sharad Sikka, David Gutman, Saroja Bangaru, Rochelle Tziona Schlachter, Stephanie Kamiel, Ayesha Anwar, Caitlin Hinz, Michelle Kaplan, Anna Rachlin, Samantha Adelsberg, Brian Cheung, Ranjit Khanuja, Chaogan Yan, Cameron Craddock, Vincent Calhoun, William Courtney, Margaret King, Dylan Wood, Christine Cox, Clare Kelly, Adriana DiMartino, Eva Petkova, Philip Reiss, Nancy Duan, Dawn Thompsen, Bharat Biswal, Barbara Coffey, Matthew Hoptman, Daniel Javitt, Nunzio Pomara, John Sidtis, Harold Koplewicz, Francisco Castellanos, Bennett Leventhal, and Michael Milham. The nki-rockland sample: a model for accelerating the pace of discovery science in psychiatry. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 6:152, 2012. URL:, doi:10.3389/fnins.2012.00152.


Nki enhanced resting-state dataset. Accessed: 2021-05-21.

Examples using nilearn.datasets.fetch_surf_nki_enhanced#

Seed-based connectivity on the surface

Seed-based connectivity on the surface

Seed-based connectivity on the surface