9.3.1. Show stimuli of Haxby et al. dataset

In this script we plot an overview of the stimuli used in “Distributed and Overlapping Representations of Faces and Objects in Ventral Temporal Cortex” (Science 2001)

  • bottles
  • chairs
  • scissors
  • cats
  • houses
  • shoes
  • faces
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

from nilearn import datasets
from nilearn.plotting import show

haxby_dataset = datasets.fetch_haxby(subjects=[], fetch_stimuli=True)
stimulus_information = haxby_dataset.stimuli

for stim_type in stimulus_information:
    # skip control images, there are too many
    if stim_type != 'controls':

        file_names = stimulus_information[stim_type]

        fig, axes = plt.subplots(6, 8)

        for img_path, ax in zip(file_names, axes.ravel()):
            ax.imshow(plt.imread(img_path), cmap=plt.cm.gray)

        for ax in axes.ravel():


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