Show stimuli of Haxby et al. dataset#

In this script we plot an overview of the stimuli used in “Distributed and Overlapping Representations of Faces and Objects in Ventral Temporal Cortex” (Science 2001)

  • faces
  • scissors
  • cats
  • shoes
  • houses
  • chairs
  • bottles
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from nilearn import datasets
from nilearn.plotting import show

haxby_dataset = datasets.fetch_haxby(subjects=[], fetch_stimuli=True)
stimulus_information = haxby_dataset.stimuli

for stim_type in stimulus_information:
    # skip control images, there are too many
    if stim_type != "controls":
        file_names = stimulus_information[stim_type]

        fig, axes = plt.subplots(6, 8)

        for img_path, ax in zip(file_names, axes.ravel()):

        for ax in axes.ravel():


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