9.2.1. Glass brain plotting in nilearn

See Plotting brain images for more plotting functionalities. Retrieve data from Internet Glass brain plotting: whole brain sagittal cuts

from nilearn import plotting

plotting.plot_glass_brain(stat_img, threshold=3)
plot demo glass brain


<nilearn.plotting.displays.OrthoProjector object at 0x7fc02e528730> Glass brain plotting: black background

On a black background (option “black_bg”), and with only the x and the z view (option “display_mode”).

    stat_img, title='plot_glass_brain',
    black_bg=True, display_mode='xz', threshold=3)
plot demo glass brain


<nilearn.plotting.displays.XZProjector object at 0x7fc02c07e280> Glass brain plotting: Hemispheric sagittal cuts

                          title='plot_glass_brain with display_mode="lyrz"',
                          display_mode='lyrz', threshold=3)

plot demo glass brain

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