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nilearn.datasets.load_mni152_brain_mask(resolution=None, threshold=0.2)[source]#

Load the MNI152 whole-brain mask.

This function takes the whole-brain MNI152 T1 template and threshold it, in order to obtain the corresponding whole-brain mask.

New in version 0.2.5.

resolution: int, default=1

If resolution is different from 1, the template loaded is first re-sampled with the specified resolution.

New in version 0.8.1.

thresholdfloat, default=0.2

Values of the MNI152 T1 template above this threshold will be included.

mask_imgNifti1Image, image corresponding to the whole-brain mask.

See also


for details about version of the MNI152 T1 template and related.


Refer to load_mni152_template function for more information about the MNI152 T1 template.

Examples using nilearn.datasets.load_mni152_brain_mask#

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NeuroVault cross-study ICA maps