Harvard Oxford atlas#


See nilearn.datasets.fetch_atlas_harvard_oxford.


Probabilistic atlases covering 48 cortical and 21 subcortical structural areas, derived from structural data and segmentations kindly provided by the Harvard Center for Morphometric Analysis.

T1-weighted images of 21 healthy male and 16 healthy female subjects (ages 18-50) were individually segmented by the CMA using semi-automated tools developed in-house. The T1-weighted images were affine-registered to MNI152 space using FLIRT (FSL), and the transforms then applied to the individual labels. Finally, these were combined across subjects to form population probability maps for each label.

For more details: https://fsl.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/fsl/fslwiki/Atlases

See also Makris et al.[1], Desikan et al.[2], Frazier et al.[3], Goldstein et al.[4].



nifti image containing regions or their probability


list of labels for the regions in the atlas.



See https://fsl.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/fsl/fslwiki/Licence