Nilearn-Nibabel Dev Days

5-7 May, 2021

Nilearn enables approachable and versatile analyses of brain volumes. It provides statistical and machine-learning tools, with instructive documentation & friendly community.

Nibabel provides read and write access to some common medical and neuroimaging file formats.

In the 2021 Dev Days, we hope to onboard new contributors to our community and explore future directions for development.


Although we encourage hacking throughout the Dev Days, we wanted to include a few structured events during a smaller portion of the day when both our European and American contributors are likely to be awake.

We also especially encourage attendees to suggest additional events during these times !

Wednesday, 5 May

13:00h UTC [Check your local time] : Kick-off and what’s new in Nilearn and Nibabel

14:00h UTC [Check your local time] : Interactive crash-course in contributing to Nilearn/Nibabel

16:00h UTC [Check your local time] : Community feedback on Nilearn website, documentation

Thursday, 6 May

13:00h UTC [Check your local time] : Brainstorming BIDS integration in Nilearn

14:00h UTC [Check your local time] : Supporting more surface modelling in Nilearn and Nibabel

Friday, 7 May

13:00h UTC [Check your local time] : Demo of HTML reports, with feedback and discussion

16:00h UTC [Check your local time] : Barriers to adoption and community building


Organizers: Bertrand Thirion, Elizabeth DuPre, Gaël Varoquaux, Jérôme Dockès, Nicolas Gensollen, Thomas Bazeille.

Please contact the Nilearn Events team if you have questions, or want to participate in any of the events.