Software development day

19 May

The software day will teach the development and open-science principles that underly nilearn. Its goal is to empower new developers and maintainers.

All talks will be online.

Confirmed Speakers

EDT* CET* Speaker Presentation Title
09:00 15:00 Gaël Varoquaux Introduction and overview
09:15 15:15 Julia Huntenburg Adding new features to Nilearn
10:00 16:00   Break
10:15 16:15 Bertrand Thirion Documentation-driven development
11:00 17:00 Gaël Varoquaux Open source software: how to live long and go far
11:45 17:45   Break
13:00 19:00 Elizabeth DuPre GitHub for project maintainers
13:45 19:45 Chris Markiewicz Testing numerical code in python
14:30 20:30   Break
14:45 20:45 Jérôme Dockès Continuous integration platforms
15:30 21:30 Alejandro de la Vega The Python ecosystem for neuroimaging

* EDT: Eastern Daylight Time: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Montreal…

* CET: Central European Time: Paris, Rome, Berlin, Madrid…