Scientific day

22 May

The scientific day will illustrate exciting neuroscience that can be done with techniques such as those in nilearn. As the goal is to inspire and sketch the future of nilearn, the talks are not restricted to studies that have been performed using nilearn.

All talks will be online.

Confirmed Speakers

EDT* CET* Speaker Presentation Title
09:00 15:00 Nilearn Team Introduction
09:10 15:10 Sylvia Villeneuve Predicting Functional Brain Aging in Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease
09:50 15:50 Carsen Stringer Rastermap: A Visualization Tool for High-dimensional Neural Data
10:30 16:30   Break
10:50 16:50 Eva Dyer Comparing High-Dimensional Neural Recordings Across Time, Space, and Behavior
11:30 17:30 Aki Nikolaidis Bagging Improves Reproducibility of Functional Parcellation of the Human Brain
12:15 18:15   Break
13:30 19:30 Jo Etzel Pattern Similarity Analyses of Frontoparietal Task Coding: Individual Variation and Genetic Influences
14:10 20:10 Tor Wager Predictive models and machine learning: Prediction, explanation, and connections across fields
14:50 20:50 Nilearn Team Wrap-up

* EDT: Eastern Daylight Time: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Montreal…

* CET: Central European Time: Paris, Rome, Berlin, Madrid…