A Quick Guide to Migrating Nistats Code to Nilearn

A quick guide to changing your Nistats imports to work in Nilearn


Imports from nistats.datasets are in nilearn.datasets

Hemodynamic Models

Imports from nistats.hemodynamic_models are in nilearn.glm.first_level

Experimental Paradigm

Imports from nistats.experimental_paradigm are in nilearn.glm.first_level

Statistical Models

Imports from nistats.model are now in nilearn.glm

Regression Models

Imports from nistats.regression are in nilearn.glm

First Level Model

Imports from nistats.first_level are in nilearn.glm.first_level

Second Level Model

Imports from nistats.second_level are in nilearn.glm.second_level


imports from nistats.contrasts are in nilearn.glm

Thresholding Maps

Imports from nistats.thresholding are in nilearn.glm

Report plotting functions

Imports from nistats.reporting are in nilearn.reporting or nilearn.plotting

Utility functions

Imports from nistats.utils are in nilearn._utils and are usually meant for development purposes.