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7.2.23. nilearn.datasets.fetch_miyawaki2008

nilearn.datasets.fetch_miyawaki2008(data_dir=None, url=None, resume=True, verbose=1)

Download and loads Miyawaki et al. 2008 dataset (153MB)

data: Bunch

Dictionary-like object, the interest attributes are :

  • ‘func’: string list

    Paths to nifti file with bold data

  • ‘label’: string list

    Paths to text file containing session and target data

  • ‘mask’: string

    Path to nifti mask file to define target volume in visual cortex

  • ‘background’: string

    Path to nifti file containing a background image usable as a background image for miyawaki images.


This dataset is available on the brainliner website

See additional information


Visual image reconstruction from human brain activity using a combination of multiscale local image decoders, Miyawaki, Y., Uchida, H., Yamashita, O., Sato, M. A., Morito, Y., Tanabe, H. C., … & Kamitani, Y. (2008). Neuron, 60(5), 915-929.