This page is a reference documentation. It only explains the function signature, and not how to use it. Please refer to the user guide for the big picture.

7.2.2. nilearn.datasets.fetch_atlas_destrieux_2009

nilearn.datasets.fetch_atlas_destrieux_2009(lateralized=True, data_dir=None, url=None, resume=True, verbose=1)

Download and load the Destrieux cortical atlas (dated 2009)


lateralized: boolean, optional

If True, returns an atlas with distinct regions for right and left hemispheres.

data_dir: string, optional

Path of the data directory. Use to forec data storage in a non- standard location. Default: None (meaning: default)

url: string, optional

Download URL of the dataset. Overwrite the default URL.


data: sklearn.datasets.base.Bunch

dictionary-like object, contains: - Cortical ROIs, lateralized or not (maps) - Labels of the ROIs (labels)


Fischl, Bruce, et al. “Automatically parcellating the human cerebral cortex.” Cerebral cortex 14.1 (2004): 11-22.

Destrieux, C., et al. “A sulcal depth-based anatomical parcellation of the cerebral cortex.” NeuroImage 47 (2009): S151.