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8.3.1. Show stimuli of Haxby et al. dataset

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8.3.3. Decoding with SpaceNet: face vs house object recognition

8.3.2. SpaceNet on Jimura et al “mixed gambles” dataset.ΒΆ

The segmenting power of SpaceNet is quite visible here.

See also the SpaceNet documentation: SpaceNet: decoding with spatial structure for better maps.

# author: DOHMATOB Elvis Dopgima,
#         GRAMFORT Alexandre

Load the data from the Jimura mixed-gamble experiment

from nilearn.datasets import fetch_mixed_gambles
data = fetch_mixed_gambles(n_subjects=16)

zmap_filenames = data.zmaps
behavioral_target = data.gain
mask_filename = data.mask_img

Fit TV-L1 Here we’re using the regressor object given that the task is to predict a continuous variable, the gain of the gamble.

from nilearn.decoding import SpaceNetRegressor
decoder = SpaceNetRegressor(mask=mask_filename, penalty="tv-l1",
                            eps=1e-1,  # prefer large alphas
                            memory="nilearn_cache"), behavioral_target)

# Visualize TV-L1 weights
from nilearn.plotting import plot_stat_map, show
plot_stat_map(decoder.coef_img_, title="tv-l1", display_mode="yz",
              cut_coords=[20, -2])


Time Elapsed: 528.884 seconds, 8 minutes.

Fit Graph-Net

decoder = SpaceNetRegressor(mask=mask_filename, penalty="graph-net",
                            eps=1e-1,  # prefer large alphas
                            memory="nilearn_cache"), behavioral_target)

# Visualize Graph-Net weights
plot_stat_map(decoder.coef_img_, title="graph-net", display_mode="yz",
              cut_coords=[20, -2])



Time Elapsed: 183.159 seconds, 3 minutes.

Total running time of the script: ( 12 minutes 10.248 seconds)

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