8.2.4. Making a surface plot of a 3D statistical map

project a 3D statistical map onto a cortical mesh using nilearn.surface.vol_to_surf. Display a surface plot of the projected map using nilearn.plotting.plot_surf_stat_map.

NOTE: Example needs matplotlib version higher than 1.3.1. Get a statistical map

from nilearn import datasets

localizer_dataset = datasets.fetch_localizer_button_task()
localizer_tmap = localizer_dataset.tmaps[0] Get a cortical mesh Sample the 3D data around each node of the mesh

from nilearn import surface

texture = surface.vol_to_surf(localizer_tmap, fsaverage.pial_right) Plot the result

from nilearn import plotting

plotting.plot_surf_stat_map(fsaverage.infl_right, texture, hemi='right',
                            title='Surface right hemisphere',
                            threshold=1., bg_map=fsaverage.sulc_right)
../../_images/sphx_glr_plot_3d_map_to_surface_projection_001.png Plot 3D image for comparison

plotting.plot_glass_brain(localizer_tmap, display_mode='r', plot_abs=False,
                          title='Glass brain', threshold=2.)

plotting.plot_stat_map(localizer_tmap, display_mode='x', threshold=1.,
                       cut_coords=range(0, 51, 10), title='Slices')

  • ../../_images/sphx_glr_plot_3d_map_to_surface_projection_002.png
  • ../../_images/sphx_glr_plot_3d_map_to_surface_projection_003.png

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